It’s Thanksgiving time Down to Business Style!

Are you looking for a quick and fun Thanksgiving read? Look no further. Family Business is a short story featuring Autumn and Vinny’s first Thanksgiving together. It will leave you wanting left overs!

Family Buisness Cover

‘I laughed, I cringed, and I got my Grandma fix!!!!!’- Amber

‘A fun addition to the series while we are waiting for new books! Totally worth the read!’ -Amazon Review

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Excerpt from the Family Business

We should have went with our original plan to go out of town for Thanksgiving. We were going to rent a beach front property in Florida. Unfortunately, my mother is a pro at guilt trips. I could have been spending Thanksgiving like one of those Corona beer commercials, but no. Why was I so gullible? -Autumn, Family Business


“Autumn is my fiancé. She is going to be family.”

“She’s not family yet. This is going to be the worst Thanksgiving we’ve ever had. Mark my words.”

“You’ll survive. You’ve been through worse. I still remember the Thanksgiving Dad didn’t come home. You threw the whole turkey in the trash and called off dinner. Uncle Tommy was threatening to kill him with the carving knife and use the turkey baster to marinade his body in his own blood.”

She combed her hand over her shoulder length black hair and sighed. “The things I do for you, Vincenzo.” -Vinny and Tina Mazzola, Family Business

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