So, about that big announcement I’ve been hinting at…here it is!

Family Buisness CoverFamily Business (A Business Series Holiday Short)

by J.C. Alexander

It’s Thanksgiving in the Malone household, and this year is going to be extra special. Vinny and his mother, Tina Mazzola are coming to dinner. What was supposed to be a thoughtful way to get their parents together, Autumn and Vinny quickly realize they have bitten off more than they can chew.
After an oven malfunction, the families find themselves traveling to Syracuse, New York to eat with Autumn’s grandparents. After an unexpected announcement from Mindy, along with the talk of weddings, children, and prenups, everyone leaves with indigestion. Will Autumn and Vinny decide to spend next Thanksgiving far away from their families?
Coming November 2014 on Amazon Kindle

Author Note

Hey Readers! I didn’t want to commit 100% to Family Business on paper until I knew I could complete it. I am so glad that I have and it will be here this coming November of this year! It is a short story, so it will be a fraction of what Down to Business and Taking Care of Business is, but it’s packed with drama and laughs.  Due to it being a short and not a full length novel, it will be released on Kindle and not in print. I have not pinpointed a day yet, but I will in the near future. I hope you decide to pick it up and enjoy spending Thanksgiving with Autumn and Vinny!

 – J.C. Alexander


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