Taking Care of Business Book Cover Reveal

The cover reveal party was a success and I want to thank all of you who participated! Here are the covers in e-book and print in case you missed the revealing. Thank you again for your awesome support. I can’t wait to share Taking Care of Business with you later this summer!


The Covers


E-book cover

Designed by J.C. Alexander | Image from Shutterstock Images

They overcame every hurdle to put their relationship first; little did they one phone call would tear them apart.

Forced to accept the truth, Autumn Malone vows never to forgive Vinny Mazzola, the man who became her everything and left her with nothing. In a desperate attempt to relieve her broken heart, she moves back home to Hamilton, New York, leaving the jaded memories of Adelphi University behind her. Only then does she realize that you can run, but you can’t hide from the one thing your heart won’t leave behind: true love.

A cruel twist of fate leaves Vinny Mazzola’s life in disarray. Unsure of how to recover his losses, he dulls the pain with an excess of hard partying, sending him spiraling deeper into regret. It isn’t until he sees Autumn again at his cousin’s wedding that he realizes she is the missing piece that he needs to make his life right again. Can he overcome his vices and earn her forgiveness?



Print Cover

Designed by J.C. Alexander | Image from Shutterstock Images

 A few teaser images from Taking Care of Business that I shared.

Blurb Promo


Thanks again!


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