Compulsive Editing Syndrome.


CES. I have it. I can’t stop myself from tapping and tweaking my manuscript in an attempt to perfect it, even though I know I should just leave it alone. If I keep this up it will never get done…but having errors in my novel is comparable to standing up infront of a crowd of people with a piece of food stuck between my teeth. I want it to shine. But in my eyes, I wonder if it will ever be good enough!

I know I am not the only one suffering from Compulsive Editing Syndrome. Lot’s of writers suffer from it. Because let’s face it, this book you’ve been working on, the one everyone reminds you that you haven’t finished but they can’t wait to read, is a part of you. My advice to myself and to you is…do the best you can and hope for the best. Stop tweaking and let the readers read, If you have a truely amazing story, they will forgive you. They always do. And if you do get food stuck between your teeth and someone points and laughs…learn to laugh with them.

Good luck.


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